How to increase internet speed with a video card?

I found one for my old Compaq & it did well, I now have a Dell 2400 & put 1gig+256 memory in it, but there was no slot for that video card, so gave it away. Will it help to BIOS change the video amount, or would a new video card help, instead, like for NETFLIX downloads?
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  1. umm, your internet speed is determined from what the isp gives you, not from the graphics card (ie it has no bearing on the internet speed)
  2. It won't help connection speed, but may help the video quality itself. I think my isp is providing me 5 mbps, and that is good enough for watching youtube videos and what not(3 full seasons of star trek all on youtube, lol).
  3. internet speed has absolutely nothing to do with your video card, it doesn't matter if you dont have a video card at will still have the same internet speed that your Internet service provider gives you.
  4. I think his issue is that video is stuttering on his pc because his cpu is too slow, and he's attributing it to internet. Because I could stream youtube high-quality and hulu high quality on 1mpbs with a decent computer.
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