Getting A dot matrix printer to work witha roll of paper.

Hello, I'm having a bit of an issue with a printer and hoping someone could help.
I have a computer running windows XP connected to an Epson LQ570-e Dot matrix printer.
Up till now I have been using it to print log files of several pages about every week using the printers lower paper tray. This works fine however I have to refill the tray often. To solve this I bought a box of tractor feed paper. The printer doesn't seem to stop when it reaches the end of the page, the printer finishes printing then tries to feed to the next page, spewing a stream of the rool of paper on the floor till the printer gives an error.

I'm thinking I left out a setting somewhere, but I cant figure it out. Ive been trying to get it working for about an hour but no luck.

Any help is appreciated, thanks
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  1. Make sure your log file doesn't have a bunch of blank lines at the end of the file. You can also check the printer's page length setting and make sure it's set to something sane like 11 inches. A quick way to check the page length is to hit the form feed button on the printer. If it just advances one page, it should be fine.
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