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Hello a few months ago I over clocked my CPU. I pushed it to far and as such my pc wouldn't go to POST. I cleared the CMOS and it still didn't start. I removed the battery for awhile and that seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately my system was unstable when I play games. I'm having frame rate issues and sometimes the screen just freezes. I did a clean install of windows on a new hdd, used a different gpu on an different motherboard and still had the same issues. I stress tested the CPU and ram and had no errors. I tested psu with a multimeter and the voltages were fine and I switched to another psu. I'm running out of ideas on why I'm having these issues. I have my bios set to default. Does anyone know anything I'm missing?
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  1. What kind of CPU, motherboard, and cooler?
    And how far did you push the voltage?
  2. I'm using a intel q9550 on a ms7510 mobo (rebranded msi p7n diamond taken from the g7700 predator). I was only trying to overclock to about 3.4ghz but I forget what voltages I had set because it was a few months ago. I have a thermalright venomous x cooler. I remember the voltage would have got me to about 3ghz so it wasn't a huge amount.
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