Backing up AHCI SSD?

Greetings - I am about to get my first SSD (Vertex 2) which I guess has to be run in AHCI. I have never used either and am wondering how to back up the boot drive for the standard 3 month wipe when the system starts to get bogged. To date I have been using Norton Ghost for DOS on my standard hard drives, but I suspect that won't work for AHCI or a SSD.

Ghost for DOS is wonderful in that it is not only fast but it certainly is able to back up Windows without Windows running.

Any similar alternatives or advice is greatly appreciated!

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  1. When it comes to updated / image, you just want to do it once you have the drive installed in AHCI mode. AHCI mode makes no difference in the back up compared to IDE mode.

    Norton Ghost is still an acceptable program to back up / reinstall with a SSD. Another recommended program is Acronis True Image Home
  2. Thanks both of you ... I have carefully read Acronis Home 2011+ and Norton Ghost 15. Both have lots of people saying that neither works for SSD's or Windows 7 64 bit. I also note Norton Ghost 15 is over 2 years old (making it more likely that those claims are true for Norton Ghost 15).
  3. If runing Win 7, Just use the Back-up program in control Panel. It will create a system Image of your "C Drive" - works great. I've used it a couple of times, once on My Intel G2 SSD to clone it to a new SSD.

    As to How often - just wait and do it when you notice a slow down. I've had my SSD for quite some sime, a couple over a year and have not had to do the "Secure erease".
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