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Hello i dont know if this is in the right place but this windows to ask the community my question was here so i;m asking. I have a 8 Core Mac Pro from 2007. Right now i am running a two drive RAID 0 each 500 Gb i have a 1Tb backup drive with time machine and then my main 250 GB original drive that the OS and apps are on. All are inside the computer. My dad has two 1Tb in his PC and i want to swap my raid 0 for his Raid 1 setup and then swtich it around a little bit. Don't worry i have a 1TB and a 500GB external to back everything up to i understand that i'll have to reformat. My question is for Three 1TB drives what is the best idea. i'm thinking that i should just do a RAID 0 since i've read that RAID 5 is slow because of the parity, but then looked at RAID 4 which stores the parity all on one disk but since this is a software level RAID anyway inside OSX i figured that maybe i ought to just make the 3TB RAID 0 and then get one of those 3TB drives and use that as the time machine backup disk so that no changes are made to the backups while im working just when i'm done (on the hour when time machine does it or manually when i want to). i'm just concerned that it's not a good idea to do that because i'd have to take out my 250 gb drive and i don't know if it's wise to keep my OS, and apps on the same drive as my storage for all the video. the reason i want to do this is because my two 500 GB seagate setup is the bottleneck when rendering in final cut, the hard drives both hit the max 16MB/s througput and only about 350-500% of my theorteical 800% of my processing power is being used.
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