Net adapter dead heeeelp!

I will try to keep short.
Can't get online.
Light should go green for net connection (yellow LAN).---no green. This is on the MoBo.
Onboard NIC. Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connector.
MB is Intel 915 GAGL (yes its old).
NO network Adapter in Device Manager

The proset software troubleshooter:
The miniport driver could not be loaded.
The cause for this error is "unknown" (great).
In the device manager, restart the driver.

2. Problem
No device exists for this installed miniport.
The device has been disabled or removed
Again with the device manager...

Eliminated Router and Modem (2nd PC is fine).
Changed RJ45 wire.
Loaded all the drivers (miniport) from MB CD.

OS is XP pro, but have 2nd Hard Dr. in with W7 and 7 has same problem, so its not in the OS.
Is there a way for me to test this?
And what about USB (pcie) NIC's? Where online and what kind?

I have used PC's since 95 and have never had a network adapter just die.
There is always a first time I guess.
I could stick in a NIC if I had room. Could take out my sound card to make room, but...

REALLY need some help here.
thanks in advance
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  1. They can die from power spikes or from age - heat.
    I would put in an add-on nic to see if that works. If so then you will either need to get a new board or remove a card to make room for the nic.
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