Just finished reading about mother voltage regulation. What qre some good quality motherboards. Want one that is non integrated. A platform for a 5i processor. A good quality video card but not a sli or crossfire.
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  1. Here is a link to newegg's offerings for i5 with 1 PCIe2.0x16. check the ones you like and compare them - then check the customers' reviews for comments.
  2. I plan on using newegg to order all parts if possible. They are super reliable and the prices are generally pretty good. I have always wondered about the user comments. Are they reliable? The commentors seem very knowledgable and/or professional. Is that true?
  3. When I read newegg reviews I figure there will be a higher percentage of "Bad" reviews than the item's real quality. At newegg, remember that not everyone who buys writes a review. Many people who got what they expected may not write a review. People who are really happy with the item may. People who are not happy will likely write reviews, especially since you can find mfr responses in some of the newegg reviews. I do look at the "bad" reviews to see if there is a common problem. Then, before I buy, I also google for the item's product reviews to see who else had something to say about it.
  4. The only problem with google is I was told that many user comments are fake. That is probably not true for newegg. The reviewers on newegg also list their systems. Do you think they are worthwhile to follow?
  5. Look at the reviews from tech sites like Tom's, Overclocker's Club,,,, etc. They're not fake. You may find some sites are partial to some mfrs. - they do get free stuff to test, but if you read all of them, you can make a pretty good decision on what is best for what you want to do with the item. I'm more suspicious of newegg reviews by people who did not buy the item from newegg - we don't even know if they ever actually had the item in their hands.
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