New build error - won't even boot bios SOS

The spec

Western Digital Caviar Blue 160GB 3.5" SATA

KINGSTON Memory/Hyper X 2GB 1066MHz DDR2 Non-ECC C

Foxconn M61PMV socket AM2PLUS motherboard

AMD Athlon II X2 250 Processor Socket AM3

Generic Miditower black with 500W Powersupply

Everything has been fitted I've used the check list - Im using an old DVDRW drive

Please Help Lan party in 2 days I need this
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  1. What do you mean by "I've used the check list"? The Kingston HyperX RAM usually requires ridiculous amounts of voltage. That's the first place I'd start. Did you perform all the steps in the checklist, including trying each stick of RAM by itself? Did you build the system with the motherboard outside the case on a non-conductive surface to rule out a short?

    That's a pretty old motherboard model. I wouldn't be surprised if it needs a BIOS flash to support your new CPU. In fact, it looks like your CPU isn't supported by your motherboard until a BIOS revision that was just released a week and a half ago:

    Do you have an old AMD CPU you could use to flash the BIOS?

    That generic PSU certainly isn't going to do you any favors. A POS PSU can cause all sorts of problems ranging from instability to fried components.
  2. I can't find that board on the Foxconn website, but I seriously doubt it supports that Regor CPU. The last BIOS I came up with from a web search was dated March... before Regor.
  3. Good find Shortstuff. They don't have a CPU compatibility list for the board as far as I could see.
  4. There is a crude CPU support list here:

    You have to click on the CPU model in the list, then it takes you to a list of motherboards that support that CPU and which BIOS version is required. It looks like his motherboard needs BIOS version 846F1P07 released on 08/07/09. At least that's how I took it. It sure is a horrible site.
  5. Huh, when I clicked on for CPU support list I didn't get a drop-down menu. All I got was a huge unsorted table that I then had to search through, using my browser find feature, and the board was nowhere on the page.
    Maybe I was on some alternate site.
  6. That board didn't ship with a BIOS to support your CPU. It's usually a good idea to make sure that the motherboard you want to buy is gonna be able to support the CPU that you want to buy without a BIOS update. Of course it seems your board can't support that CPU even with a BIOS update

    Tough break kid.
  7. The board does support the CPU, but only with the latest BIOS released on 08/07/09.
  8. It works thanks guys :pt1cable:
  9. What was the problem?
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