Overclocking the ASUS P5G41T-M LX3

Hi everyone I am a newbie here so plz go easy on me :p
I bought this new motherboard recently namely ASUS P5G41T-M LX3.. Here's the info:
My processor is the core 2 duo e7400. @ 2.8 Ghz & stock cooler.
I tried to overclock it... Basically what I did was increase the FSB to 300 from 266.. and it worked..
So I am trying to max out the performance of this machine but since I am a noob I really don't think I would know about the voltage & DRAM frequencies & all.
So plz guide me. If you need any more info please reply & I will try to give you as much info as you need.
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  1. Hii holyman and everyone,

    I just wanna share what i've done to overclock this mobo.

    I have e2140 dual core 1,60 Ghz proc (FSB 800) with standard CPU fan cooler (3000RPM), and standard memory of DDR3 PC10600.

    Using this mobo i have successful to overclock the proc until 2,280 Ghz. It's very stable, no BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and the temp of proc around 49 - 51 Celcius only.

    The steps are :

    1. I upgrade the BIOS into the newest ver. 0402 dtd 2011.07.02

    2. CPU Configuration settings
    a. Ratio CMOS Setting : 8x (since the maks multiplier of e2140 is 8x)
    b. Max CPUID : Enabled
    c. Intel Virtualization Tech : Enabled
    d. CPU TM Func : Enabled
    e. Execute-Disable Bit Caability : Disabled
    f. Intel Speedstep Tech : Disabled (if appears)

    3. Jumperfree Configuration
    I have tried 'trial and error' to configure this settings and these are the optimal configuration i can get :
    a. AI Overclocking : Manual
    b. CPU Frequency : 285 ===>> means FSB 1140 MHz (the best FSB i can reach, more than this : booting problem
    and BSOD)
    c. PCI express freq : 100
    d. DRAM Freq : Auto
    e. Memory Voltage : 1.5000 V
    f. NB Voltage : Auto
    g. VTT Voltage : Auto
    h. CPU Vcore : Auto (Have tried +150mv but my proc had a high temp = 59 Celcius, therefore i set it auto)
    i. Auto PSI : Enable

    Thats all guys i can share with you,, hope if you can overclock this mobo more extreem please kindly share :D

    Thanks and regards,

  2. Sorry revised for CPU Configuration settings :
    - C1E Support : Disable
    - Execute-Disable Bit Capability : Enable


  3. yuvi is on the right track except for his memory settings.

    With your memory settings on Auto, as you push the CPU FSB upward, you are pushing the memory beyond its capabilities.

    I am unfamiliar with the Asus BIOS, but what you need to do is adjust the memory clock so that it is 4 times the FSB freq. If your FSB freq is 266 MHz, your memory clock should be 1066 MHz.
  4. Thanks for the quick replies.. I already have the bios version 0402..
    I will follow yuvi's directions & with jsc's memory settings something should work out..
    I will give it a try right now!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Gave it a try!! Works perfectly... But no change in performance :( ... I think I can further increase the cpu frequency... but I am not so sure...
    Win 7 gave my cpu a 6.6... its still 6.6!!! no increase..
    My friend has an AMD Phenom II 965 or 955 (I am not so sure) Black Edition..
    It gave him arounnd 7.3 @ 3.2 GHz but it increased to 7.6 when he overclocked it somehow..
    Also his cpu is an unlocked CPU... I don't remember locking my cpu :D
    Anyways I don't think mine is unlocked...
    Any further improvements??
    Also my CPU still shows 2.8 GHz :cry:
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