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I am building new system when I try to install operating system I am getting blue screen with pci.sys error. Board is GF8100 M2+TE Biostar, sata 150 gb hard drive with no other hardware except sata dvd rom. I have tried other hard drives, and so many other options it is driving me nuts.

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  1. I forgot operating system is ewindows xp pro but I tried xp home too and got the same screen
  2. Download Ubuntu cd and run Memtest to determine your system is stable instead.

    You tried to install using official medium right, no custom drivers or other customization, right?
  3. how do you run memtest if you do not have operating system on pc yet
  4. No it's not a memory problem.....It's to do with windows install itself!!!!
    I ran into this problem before when I had an earlier version of XP pro...the problem is it does not recognize the pci express slot.....
    I had to "slip-stream" my original disc to include the service pack 2 so it would work....and it did work!
    Google slipsteam xp and you should get some sites to help you do it..
    You could try getting a Windows 7/ Vista install and that should work flawlessly..
    Hope this helps.
  5. I am in the process of creating the slipstream cd now I will let you guys know how it comes out Thanks for the help
  6. I tried to install Ubuntu and it will not install as well as I made a slipstream cd of windows xp with the service pack 2 in it and it will not install either. I no longer am getting the pci.sys error screen message but the programs will not install. The go a far as loading files then the machine just restarts itself. I am stumped...
  7. Well you need to make sure the machine is okay, if you got stability problems its only normal you get problems.

    1. Put the Ubuntu cd in the cd drive
    2. Restart the computer
    3. Let it boot from Ubuntu cd
    4. You get a boot menu - choose Memory Test
    5. Wait until memory pass is complete to verify your RAM is stable.
  8. I did that and it says it is stable passed all tests, also ran hard drive error check it passed as well. I also took the hard drive out of this machine and installed it into another one I have formatted it and it works fine in the other unit. Installed it back into the one I am trying to get running it still does same thing. Gets to file install point in process and unit restarts. I also made iso disk for Kbuntu tried it, same result, made iso disk of Haiku, same thing.....

    Now what?????
  9. Have you tried to slipstream with SP 3? Aside from that, you can always obtain XP w/SP3 from other sources ;)
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