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  1. I presume that was a statement, but if you need help, then you should provide detailed system specs and a thorough description of your problem.
  2. mikey96816 said:
    lose video

    Wanted to say that I lose video signal and computer crashes afterwards.
    This can happen on bootup but usually happens when I try to play my video game. The sound starts to trail off half minute later after losing video signal. Very frustrating.

    I have a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R motherboard, 2 gig OCZ PC2 6400 RAM, Visiontek Radeon 3650 video card, and running Windows XP professional OS. Anyone have a clue what is happening here?
  3. mikey96816 said:
    lose video


    We need a lot more information than that. What exactly is the problem? Is this a new build, or a system that used to work? Have you been through this checklist?

    READ before posting about boot problems!
  4. What are the other components and in particular, the PSU?
  5. CPU is Intel 8400. PSU is Antec 500 watt. Computer originally worked ok since build a year ago. Then a few months ago I temporarily replaced the Stock CPU heat sink with an OCZ Heat sink. It was a mistake. Blood all over the place from intallation, and the push and twist retaining clips were inadequate to hold such a massive structure in place. The new heat sink ran hotter than the stock heatsink. So hot that the computer shut down due to excessive heat. Then I reinstalled the stock heat sink and it runs cool enough not to set off alarms anymore.

    Lots of history here. you know, can't keep my hands off it ;-) Always tweaking it.
  6. The checklist linked above is the first place to start. It was created to troubleshoot problems exactly like this.
  7. thanks so much for useful info

  8. mikey96816 said:
    lose video

    dont know what ultraman games you're saying?
    is your monitor not working?
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