Installed new chip fan and computer wont start up

I installed a new Chip Fan on ASUS motherboard today. (Had the message saying the fan chip speed was to low, and my CPU just kept looping the boot to windows, powering on and off), so I bought a new chip fan, this is a known problem with this motherboard, as they sent me two new design fans. I put one in, and now it runs great, quiet, and all the other fans turn on, but after it shows my specs on my monitor, I don't see anything, it's just black and sit there, no beeps or noises at all. I did take out my graphics card to get the fan in, but connected it back properly, so I don't see that being the problem, but maybe it is?
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  1. I didn't put any Thermal Compound on it, so I just went and bought some, my guess is the PC wasn't seeing the fan was working, so it was stopping the PC from trying to boot? So I put some of that on there, and still having hte same problem. I can get into my settings though.......BIOS and all, so one would think there is no MB issue right?
  2. Nobody?
  3. Now I have the PC stuck at the PCI Device screen, so tonight I will take out all my "extra' things, and try to boot up the PC.
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