Dual Radeon 5870's Vs. Dual Nvidia GTX 285's

Im asking what would change in cooling or power requirments. i currently have dual GTX 285's SLI but im upgrading to Dual crossfired Radeon 5870's. . . i have a 800 Watt power supply and six fans in my full tower. Do i need anything else for the upgrade? Please reply
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  1. The 5870s are good but so are the 2 285s you have now. Do you have a monitor at a resolution to justify two 5870s? And a CPU to drive them? You have a MB that supports SLI now does it also support Xfire?
  2. Dual 5870s are more powerful than Dual GTX 285s but aren't you satisfied with your current setup ? Dual GTX 285s are very powerful,do you have any problems with them ?
  3. Stick with the 285's unless you have Windows 7 and are about to buy direct x11 games. The two 5870's will give you a little more eye candy under those conditions but I can't hardly find it justifiable to get rid of your 285's.

    I can't recommend the upgrade unless you have that kind of money lying around and are addicted to upgrading.

    As far as your 800 watt power supply goes, what brand and model is it? And as topper743 asked, what processor do you have?

    Give a list of specs of your system, mobo, ram, psu, etc. and we can better give advice...
  4. 2 5870s will be a pretty impressive improvement over 2 GTX 285s, but not now. Right now there wont be much of a difference between the 2 because there aren't many really, really demanding games. I say wait a bit, the price might come down.
  5. I will also recommend you to not upgrade now...
    Maybe later when even better cards come...Cuz your current Gfx cards are very powerful.

    800W PSU will be enough for those cards but provided that it is a good brand.
  6. Hey all. Here is his current setup.
    Video cards: Dual GTX 285's Sli
    Processor: Intel Core i7 3.33
    Hardrives: Two 500 GB Western Digital
    Mother Board: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
    Processor Cooler: V8 180W Cooler
    Memory: Crosair DOMINATOR 1600 3 x 2GB DDR3
    Driver: Blu Ray Reader/Writer
    COOLER MASTER CSX Limited Edition Warfare CX-830WRFR-01-GP Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case.
    Monitors: 2ea Dell 2410 & 1ea 3007wfp

    I know alot is overkill on this machine but he/I just want to be sure this would be good for awhile.

    Now he cant tell you whether his current GTX285's are good or not because he is still in the process of building it. You know these young kids. They always think the newest is the best so without even opening the 285 and seeing them he wants the 5870's it must be nice spending your dads/my money.

    What we are trying to find out now is a good PSU. I want to make sure it will be enough to possibly support a 3rd video card down the road.


    Your thoughts please.

  7. I would go with this one:


    It's certified to run 3 GTX 275's and I know it will run three GTX 285's it just doesn't give the mfgr enough headroom to buffer for marketing purposes.

    SCREEETCH...... did you say extra as in 2 or 3 cards? If only two cards the 800 watt psu you have should be fine.

    Which model and brand is it?...
  8. truly dont know yet . . .
  9. Well I guess he needs to decide what his final setup will be and we can better suggest hardware. I don't want to suggest something for a two card setup and he gets 3 or a totally different card like 2 GTX 295 co op cards...
  10. Nice but that better be 40-50% faster than the GTX 295 to be anywhere near worth that price IMO...
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