Our gateway computer will not turn on every time we try to power it up We have t

We have a Gateway computer and It will not power up everytime we push the power button. It may take multiple tries or may do so on the first try. Is this a battery problem? Switch? Other? Thanks
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  1. Could be a power supply or motherboard. You can buy gateway bare cases with a ps fairly cheap on ebay or at computer geeks. Your case may work with any standard atx ps; newegg sells them starting at $20 shipped. Be aware that your original operating system may not work with a non gateway board if you decide to change it.
  2. My guess is case switch wiring or PSU. If your Gateway case has a reset switch, you can swap the power and reset switch and try to boot with the reset switch.

    Otherwise, remove the power switch header from the motherboard and momentarily short the two pins together with a small screwdriver.

    If that doesn't work, try to borrow a known good PSU to see if it is the PSU. After all this, then it's time to think about the motherboard.
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