Adding Z68 SRT after installing Windows

I just built my sister a Z68 based system, (Core i5-2500k processor so they'd be able to forgo using a discrete video card for now) and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with adding SRT to a system after Windows is already installed on a machine. I did build it with the controller in RAID mode, so it should be easier to add later.

The way I see it, it could go two ways:

1. the SSD is just added to the system, the Intel RAID interface adds it as a SRT drive, and things get accelerated.

2. adding the SRT drive causes the main drive to get wiped, and the whole thing has to be rebuilt.

Which one happens? Is there a 3rd possibility?

I'm hoping it just adds the function and everything just works. That would be great when they complain the system is slow in 3 years and I just add this and everything is much better. I built this thing with upgrading in mind so that it will stay useful for the next 5 years or so. (I can add a video card later, another 8GB of memory, overclocking the chip, adding SRT, and/or adding a 6Gb/s SSD to run the OS.)
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  1. Actually, I found my answer.

    it can be enabled after the Windows install. That's very cool. Thanks anyway!
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