How to backup up an Intel RAID 1 system?

I'm trying to get a restorable backup image of a rather archaic machine that runs lab equipment. Due to the old and fragile equipment software, this Dell Optiplex 755 runs un-updated Windows XP, and is not connected to the Internet. It has 2 320 GB IDE hard drives, made into RAID 1 array using the Intel Matrix RAID utility. A few months ago, a drive died and a previous tech successfully replaced the drive, using the the Intel tool to restore the mirroring.

Now I'm trying to make a backup image so I can do some diagnostics/repair that might break something. (And being paranoid I feel it should be backed up in general.) When I try to boot using a Ghost 10 CD, I get a blue screen. Clonezilla doesn't work either, it exits without doing anything when I try to image one of the physical drives, and says there are no partitions if I try to image a partition.

As far as Windows is concerned, it is a single disk with several partitions. One is 220 MB FAT - I assume that's where the RAID controller keeps its metadata, but I dunno. The rest are NTFS.

Anybody know a good way to make a backup image of this? Preferably not invasive, I would prefer to run a CD on it rather than install software on Windows, if possible. I never know what would interfere with the equipment's software, and wouldn't be able to even begin to rebuild the install.
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  1. RAID 1 is just like any other drive. I understand your concern about not wanting to install new backup software. Just use XP's 'System Tools' and use the backup feature.
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