Suggest me a good VFM Graphics card

I am planning to upgrade my GPU so that i can play sports and racing games like Ashes 2009,Virtua tennis 2009,NFS shift and sometimes action games like Crysis,MOH,etc.

My system config is
AMD X2 64 4000+
Asus M2nBP VM CSM (integrated Nvidia 6150LE)
1X2GB Kingston DDR2 PC667 RAM
PSU: Corsair CX400

Please suggest me a good GPU that will not bottleneck my rig too much and also should be good value for money.

I was finalizing on HD4770/HD4850/GTS250 but ran into some articles and posts on CPU bottleneck and thought its better to ask some experts to help me with my decision.
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  1. Wow that is a fairly basic setup and if i had it, id use it for everyday tasks except for gaming, like browsin net, word, music, email and movies, or as a backup pc, but your not me and that is not my pc, so before we can recommend a graphics card, need 1 final detail, your monitor size, the resolution and your desired settings (maxed out with 60fps, medium with 60fps, maxed with 30fps etc?)
  2. Thanks for replying buddy.My monitor is 22" viewsonic VX2262wmp super HD. max resolution supported is 1680X1050.I don't want to play all the games at max settings.If i can play the game at a decent resolution that will be great.
  3. 4850 > 4770 (not sure where the GTS250 goes).

    From here on it's about which you could afford, as the 4850 may be bottlenecked by your cpu, but it should run faster than the 4770. Overclocking your cpu would increase your fps regardless which of the 3 you bought.
  4. I am not asking which is the best GPU among them but which will be sufficient for my Processor as the bottleneck will be less.
    if there is a bottleneck i guess i will be getting same level of performance from 9800gt or even 4870(correct me if wrong).so shloud i invest in 4850 and waste its potential?
    or will my processor can keep up with it.
    i am very much new to all these things so i need all your help in choosing my card.
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