Processor compatible with my 939 processor

I have a motherboard with 939 socket and i need a new processor to install it
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  1. Check the manufacturer name and model, hen go to their website and look at the processor support list. That's the easiest way. But I very much doubt if you can still buy S939 processors. Even AM2's are pretty much retired now.
  2. Socket 939 CPUs are rare to find,however CPUs like FX60 and X2 4800 would be good if you can find them
  3. Yes the FZ60 @ 2.6 was the fastest and was produced under a 90nm process with 2 X 1Mb L2 cache ... hard to get but ideal with the unlocked mult.

    They and the 4800 will do 3Ghz with decent cooling, and at that speed are about as quick as an E6600 Conroe Core2 65nm cpu ... roughly.

    I can suggest getting a 2.2Ghz 4400+ which also has the 2 X 1Mb cache and you can push this to a 220Mhz FSB easily, giving you the evivalent to a 4800+ much cheaper ... odds are you won't even have to drop the HT ratio to get it there.

    I suggest a better cooler - like a decent heatpipe tower unit.

    You should be able to get one from e-bay.

    The 4400, 4800 and FX all have the bigger cache.

    The 4200 and 4600 have a 2 X 512K cache but run at the same frequency.

    I hope this helps.

    I'd rather forget the 939 era as the advent of the faster AM2 chips on the 940 platform really pi$$ed a lot of us enthusiasts off.

    /waits for TC to enter stage left with significant bluster !!!
  4. i have a spare socket 939 athlon 64 x2 4800+
  5. Very hard to get unless of course you get your hands on Daviduk109's 4800+ and that would REALLY be your best bet as those things are Hard to find and expensive on ebay.

    For example it is more cost effective to get a 70$ AM2+ board with an Athlon2 3.0Ghz then it would be to buy a good 939Pin such as the FZ60
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