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Hi, i was thinking of overclocking my 4890 through AMD Overdrive in the CCC to get a little more out of it. The default clocks are gpu 800mhz mem 975mhz (i dont think its a reference card because they seem to be 850mhz gpu default). I was wondering if I could just overclock the gpu to 850-900 and leave the memory as it is?
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  1. I be honest when doing GPU OC's I like grabbing the highest "stock" OC from an manufacture that sell the same model GPU and than set it at that as a baseline to test. And than work up from that.

    But if your asking if you can just OC the GPU clock speed and not the memory, from what I recall when I OC my GPU years ago yes you can. Just stress test it afterwards. I would also do a quick google search on what people got when they OC their 4890's so you have a rough idea of what it's capable of.

    If your asking us if this setting will be stable, we can't tell you as every part is diferent and is able to handle different things.
  2. im using an xfx 4890 runing at 935/1045

    Runs pretty damn sweet, each card is diffrent though, and ill be upgrading to a 570 soon
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