I'm selling my SSD/ ocz vertex 60gb tomorrow and need to erase it, what program should I use? I've used DBAN loads of times on my hdd's but does it work for a ssd?
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  1. I use a slow format program from the bootdisk of win 2k, which took about ten seconds for my 64gb kingston ssd.
  2. Use Sanitary Erase to completly empty your SSD.
  3. ok thanks everyone, I'll use the Sanitary Erase
  4. Sorry for the late post. But back to the original OP question.

    Can you use DBaN on a SSD? :bounce:

    He had a OCZ SSD, which Sanitary Erase is for.

    But what about an Intel SSD (i.e X25-V 40GB), or any others for that matter. :sarcastic:

    Can you use DBan for that? And I would want to use the "write 0's" option?

    I tried HDDErase, but couldn't boot from a USB, like linked directions instructed. (I don't have a floppy.)

    I think I need to burn a Windows XP Boot disk, so I can use all "these" DOS based programs....but that's off topic.

    P.S. Currentlty running "Secure Erase" on an old machine I'm going to sell. Formatted as floppy (on my Dell) w/MS-DOS start up files, and copied HDDErase. Currently running, I think, no progress screen like DBaN. I don't want to turn it off, as it will "lock" my hard drives? Again, off topic. BTW: I'll let you know how long it takes "being the fastest erase program." Erasing a 40GB and a 120GB HDD.

    P.P.S Secure Erase (HDDERase v3.0?) didn't work. I believe its because my hard drives are on another (onboard) IDE controller (Promise Ultra ATA 100). But DBan does work (although slow), and I nuked 'em (took over 12 hours)! I give up on Secure Erase.
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