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DIMM4 Slot Freezes in BIOS, Bad Board or bad BIOS?

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February 9, 2010 1:18:20 AM

Hello, :hello: 

NewMSI NF980-G65 board bought locally. I am putting in 8GB (4 of 2x2's). I thought it was a bad stick and took back 2 of them (they come in pairs) with the one that was in the DIMM4 slot. DIMM4 can't be read in BIOS. It locks up and you have to re-boot. I can access all the other slots information.

I started with all Corsairs. I made two trips to make exchanges. The second trip was because I decided to get help, being disabled. The tech had me go down to exchange again (same slot) and be sure I got Dual channel. I thought I did, but I was rushed at the checkout counter and really didn't absolutely make sure.

I have two Patriots (DIMM1 & 2) and two Kingstons (DIMM3 & 4). They are the same specs, just different brands. The Kingstons show ALL the memory info in BIOS(under Cell Menu>Memory-Z) and even the "extra" clocks/timings info. The Patriots only shows minimal info. I don't know why? Still DIMM4 chokes. [:grahamlv:1]

BIOS shows the amout as being 81xxMB (8GB's).

In the OS(XP Pro), it only accesses 2.5 GB and it should have 3.5GB available to it. With what apps I am running, it can't use only 2.5GB, which is outrageous in my opinion. I am showing 8GB and I can access all 4 slots in CPUID, using the dropdown box. I confirmed each slot and saw much the same as in BIOS. Kingstons had ALL the details and the Patriots only showed two columns worth of basic info. It wasn't even the SPD's/clock info. :sarcastic: 

My tech guy is going to replace the motherboard, but I told him if I could get it all working by not doing that, I would like to go that route. I am being charged way too much for all of this. I think I might be getting played for twice the price. And not doing it just one trip. Kind of what some physcians do, when you are on Medicare. :heink: 

I started to run some tests with PC Wizard and nTune. Weird: nTune didn't show ANY of my DIMM's or any of thier info. I ran a 10 minute stress test on the memory alone, to see what the report would be. nTune only stated it ran 114 passes. Nothing else? WOW! that was a waste of time. PC Wizard did much better, both in information gathering and the testing. The benches on the memory were not so good though. Even that Old Man Wizard thingy said something like there were better benches on memory...or something less than "Hey, great memory dude!" :lol: 

On changing out the motherboard: Is it the best way to go? Could it be better to reflash the BIOS? Also, there was one "Unknown Device" in Device Manage. It was located on PCI Standard ISA Bridge. Looked it up on MSDN and elsewhere. It included a RAM Controller and two others. So, maybe just getting the right driver for this unknown device and a BIOS upgrade/reflash might do it some good.

I have given some partition space so my tech guy can install Windows 7 64Bit OS to see if ALL 8GB is accessable (not just appearing in BIOS and OS).

the BIOS choking on a DIMM slot (even on slot #4)?


P.S. Sorry for the big detailed message.
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February 10, 2010 12:38:23 AM

Here's what you can do:

-First, check if your memory sticks (both brands) are on the motherboard's Qualified Vendor List (QVL). They should be available from the manufacturer's website.
-Next, try updating your BIOS. Some BIOS updates come with compatibility improvements.

Whatever the case, I would really recommend that you run the same sticks of RAM across the board. Make them quadruplets, not a bunch of twins. :lol: