Good software to recover files from a formatted drive?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, hopefully it is. But anyway, my backup drive i used to put all my crap from my other PC to save so i can put it on my new PC i just built was reformatted somehow. No clue when it happened or what. I've checked out a bunch of software to many to name that i can remember, and most of them either just showed me the same crap/Worked better but all the files were still corrupt even when i did try to recover a few, nothing actually worked even text files and images.
Only ones i could find that worked really well were Disk internals partition recovery and some disk doctors program can't remember the name, they actually found all the files and i could preview ones that it supported to preview (Images, AVI i think, and wmv files). So i know most of it it there and probably recoverable. But i don't actually have 100$+ for those two programs after i spent money on my new PC.

Also, there were some programs that actually kinda worked, but when it lists about hundreds of thousands of files and puts em in category but they're all renamed, then it'd just be a pain in the ass to sort through them all just to find out what it actually was.

I mostly just want to recover my bookmarks backup from firefox, and a bunch of game saves from the games i was playing on my old pc, nothing else has been written to that drive(yet). So any help would be great, or am i just screwed unless i spend money on one of those two programs or another that actually works?
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  1. Doesn't seem to be a preview option. Thanks though, even though the price is down there I'd rather not waste money on something that may/may not work. Other programs have actually showed the files and folder with right names like i said, but files just end up being corrupted/nothing actually in them except those two programs i listed.
  2. [...] ftware.htm

    Claims it can recover files from formatted partitions with original file names and storage paths. I don't think it has previews. MANY don't.
  3. It does it seems, also has a 1gig free trial thing. But it's doing the same thing many other programs are doing except those two i listed, which is it puts them all in raw folder or whatever, then it just has numbered names for everything, even though in lost files it lists all the files and such, but they just seem corrupted in that folder while the raw folder with number named files seem fine. I'd be fine with that programs trial as long as i could get my bookmarks and saves, but doesn't seem to pick up my html or JSON file from fire fox or any other odd file names in the raw folder(except the few it supports i guess).
    Which is aggravating cause i dunno how one program will pick all the files up with originals names and data in tact and the other wont. Trying another scan with it so ill see how it goes, just sucks most of these programs takes 2hours to scan only to find out the program doesn't work that well.

    I haven't personally used it but came across this guide a while back and saved it.
  5. Hm... Already tried both of those programs in the thread. Thanks though. Ryan already linked to that one, and recuva did the same as some other recovery programs.
  6. I've always found that there isn't always one really good program, but whenever I use different programs together I have the best luck. Recover My Files, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, and OnTrack DataRecovery are just a few out there. Most of these have trials.
  7. Grr....Tried both of those (Aside from stellar phoenix). Still same old... :(
    Guess ill just give up for now, don't plan on saving stuff to that drive for now so hopefully ill find something. Unless someone pops up in here with a good program. Thanks for the recs for programs though guys.
  8. Try R Studio, best recovery tool I've found, comes with a free trial.
  9. Absolutely right. I inadvertently deleted 30GB of precious photos last year and was able to recover 100% of them using Subrosa's FileSalvage.

    It is worth every single cent of it's $89.95 price tag and then some.

    Good luck.
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