Defective motherboard?

Using a GA-EX58-UD3R. worked fine for about 3 weeks or so. then i got a new heatsink for my processor, after changing it, 2 of memory slots do not work. Im at a loss of why, along with 1 other error where my GPU is overheating, these two slots just stopped working, when i changed the heatsink i made sure to ground myself and turn off the psu and unplug everything before i touched the inside.

now im wondering if they are dead slots and i should RMA it or not. i requested an RMA and ticketed a support question to them, but its been like a week and no responses.

The RAM sticks are also not the problem. I tried each one of them in DIMM1 and they all work fine, its just the other two slots that seem to be this a bad motherboard? or is there a hotfix/quickfix somewhere.
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  1. Then maybe the MoBo is damaged... most likely... where did you 'plug' your grounding cable and since when?? before touching anything or you delayed a little bit??
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