External seagate harddisk failure

my 1TB seagate hardisk suddenly stopped responding as i wasnt able to eject at the time of power cut,it is a power adapter powerd hardisk,wenevr power goes ,it gets ejectectd ,but this time it is not responding,its making a clicking noise wen i connect,i hav very imp data of 900gb,plz any1 tell me what to do,as i took for seagate service center they told me that in india ther is only seagate replacment service other dan that no service,plz help me any1 its my 2yrs hardwrk been lost.... :(
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  1. have you look for a Data Recovery Center. It is not cheap but sometime it is worth the money.

    can you take the drive out of the inclosure and connect it as an internal hard drive?

    advice for the future: spend the money on a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) since Power Outages are NOT your computers best friend. It will allow you to shut down your computer properly.
  2. That clicking noise is not a good sign. It means there is a mechanical failure.

    If you have the money you could go to a company that recovers data, but be warned, this could cost a lot of money.

    One other thing you could try....sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt....but ONLY TRY THIS IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD A DATA RECOVERY SPECIALIST AND ONLY AS A LAST RESORT...IT MAY OR MAY NOT WORK BE WARNED IN ADVANCE...

    Wrap your external hard drive in cloth/or a towel. Put in the freezer for a good hour, once you take it out immediately connect it to your computer and see if your computer recognizes it...if it does, start pulling your information ASAP.
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