3300 IGP.. wanting to upgrade gfx card on a budget


Right now I actually have been gaming without a graphics card.. and have decided to finally get one. At first I was going to get a 4870 or 4890.. but now I am going to be building another computer for my fiance and am looking for something cheaper.. around the $50 - $70 price range.

As far as I could find, the 4670 is what I should get.. so I was just wondering if it would make much more of a difference over my hd 3300 igp ( I know it probably will) and also if it would be able to run a few games.. just some MMORPG's and stuff at decently high settings (I have 4 GB RAM and a Phenom II x4 940).

Anyways.. would this card here be a good one to get?

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    ^ That is a good card...and for MMORPGs like WoW, that HD 4670 is more than enough to run at medium to high settings depending on the resolution...

    You could also check out this card...This would perform similar to the 4670 and is cheaper...
    ASUS EN9600GSO/DI/512MD3
  2. I gotta say gkay09 hit the nail on the head. I agree on both counts. If you go with the 9600gso, just be sure your power supply is beefy enough as it will draw more wattage than the 4670 if I'm not mistaken. However, if playing at low res, either card should do well for you.
  3. ^ Well you actually wont need a beefy PSU...
    A high quality 300W PSU or
    A decent quality 350W PSU or
    A low quality 400W PSU should be able to handle that card...
  4. I have a good PSU-- I was planning on fully decking out this computer, but had to wait on the graphics card..and started playing on IGP and noticed that most games I play (even WoW) run at max settings (Except on WoW I had to bring the shadows down a notch or two).. so I figured I didn't need one for a while, but now I am just looking to get a cheap, but better one. The highest resolution I will play at is probably 1680x 1050 for now.

    Anyways, back on topic.. I was at first inclined to get that card, but then I read a little bit about it and heard stuff like Nvidia downgraded the card but kept the same name and whatnot. Specifically I heard the reduced the SP from 96 down to 48 and kept the same name, and that because of the change sometimes Newegg accidentally falsely advertises.

    Have you heard anything about that?
  5. Hmm..actually do you guys think it would be worth the extra ~$20 - 30 to just grab a 4830/50?
  6. the 4850 is as good as you gonna get for the price
  7. I gotta agree with obsidian, I've personally got a 9600 gt, 512 mb. It's not a bad card, but for a little more, the 4850. If you are gonna go that far however, wait for the 5xxx series and see if prices drop.
  8. Alright, thanks. Any ideas on when the hd 5k's are releasing?
  9. I thought it was only a few days from now. Anyone else know more?
  10. Most probably October...But not sure they would release the low end versions right away...
  11. I just went ahead with the 4670-- very happy with it, it runs WoW at ultra settings (including shadows) at 60 fps limit.. and I have yet to notice it dip down.
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