Possible Liquid Cooling rig - Proofread please!

Hey everyone, im looking at building a fairly expensive overclocking rig, and ive typed up a draft of a Koolance setup - if anyone sees any mistakes, or has any suggestions, I would be very happy to hear them.


85 CPU: CPU-370 1.5mm Midplate (2 ID13) http://bit.ly/ogKEBc
9 CPU Adapter: Adapter, Intel Socket 2011 (not yet released)
140-210 RAM: RAM-33 (Single DDR/DDR2/DDR3/SD) (8-12 ID10) http://bit.ly/papFtz
55 Hard Drive: HD-60 (HDx2) (2 ID10) http://bit.ly/pkp024
45 Northbridge: CHC-125 (MB) (2 ID10) http://bit.ly/qI10w4
45 Southbridge: CHC-125(MB) (2 ID10) http://bit.ly/qI10w4
0 Graphics Card: Hydrocopper 590 (4 ID13)

70 ID 10: Pump, PMP-400 http://bit.ly/oGu0BF
35 Speed Controller: CTR-SPD10 12v Pump Speed Controller http://bit.ly/pvnzHV
33 Reservoir Base: Pump Nozzle & Reservoir Base for PMP-400 (60mm OD) (2 10) http://bit.ly/odJA3O
77 ID 13: Pump, PMP-450
35 Speed Controller: CTR-SPD24 24v Pump Speed Controller http://bit.ly/nUAQk9
45 Reservoir Base: Pump Nozzle & Reservoir Base for PMP-450 (2 13) (60mm OD) http://bit.ly/plehZg

20x2 Bodies: Reservoir Body, 60x240mm, (471x2ml) http://bit.ly/p1Rsil
10x2 Brackets: Reservoir Bracket, 140mm http://bit.ly/ngr2UF
10x2 Tops: Reservoir Top with Fill Port (60mm OD) http://bit.ly/pO3Mxi

50 ID 10: Radiator 1x140mm 30-FPI Copper (2 10) http://bit.ly/pcokov
60 ID 13: Radiator 3x120mm 30-FPI Copper (2 13) http://bit.ly/pxNOmY

15x2 1400ml: Liquid Coolant Bottle, High Performance, 700ml (Blue) http://bit.ly/nRD1B1

1.3/ft ID 10: List of colors page http://bit.ly/qpCJeu
1.8/ft ID 13: List of colors page http://bit.ly/roG2VN

9x18-22 ID 10: Nozzle Pair, Compression id 10 (18-22 ID10) http://bit.ly/psj0T2
9.5x10 ID 13: Nozzle Pair, Compression id 13 (10 ID13) http://bit.ly/nZi4D4

Final Price
85+9+140+55+45+45+70+35+33+77+35+45+40+20+20+50+60+30+162+95= 1151
85+9+210+55+45+45+70+35+33+77+35+45+40+20+20+50+60+30+198+95= 1257
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  1. Don't need RAM/Southbridge/HDD blocks. Northbridge is questionable...but depending on overclocking speeds...might be fine.

    You don't really need more than one pump...unless you want to pay for it and run redundant (?)

    No to any kind of coolant. Isn't needed...doesn't benefit you at all. If you want color, get colored tubing or dyes, not coolants.

    What are you planning to cool...CPU obviously...how many/what kind GPUs? This will dictate how many rads and what size you'll need. Also to note, those rads you have listed are 30 FPI, so you'll need 2000+ rpm fans with good static pressure to run well.

    Question- Why are you only using Koolance stuff? I mean, they make some pretty decent gear (I'm not a fan of their rads, though) but you can find other components by other manufacturers...and maybe save yourself some cash. Your $1100+ loop cost is incredibly absurd.
  2. dual 590's, and im overclocking RAM quite a bit, so im going to keep those, but I do agree with the no southbridge. However, im going all Koolance bc they are donating the materials, so price is no issue.
  3. DDR2 and DDR3 RAM doesn't really get hot, but don't let me stop you. Just expect those to cut your flow rates down.

    How did you manage to get Koolance to donate all the stuff? I'd be more than happy to go all Koolance if they were doing that for me.
  4. its a promotional thing - im getting all donated computer parts, building it, then publishing and promoting everything on my blog - its a sweet deal, w/ like 6 grand in free stuff!
  5. Damn, nice gig if ye can get it......
    Can we have a link to the blog too? :)
  6. Xmod- PM'd.
  7. Motopsychojdn said:
    Damn, nice gig if ye can get it......
    Can we have a link to the blog too? :)

    I'll start a blog if that's what it gets me! Man, that'd be nice. I'm surprised some of the regulars here aren't sent a bunch of promo stuff for reviews, teardowns, and whatnot.
  8. Quote:
    I'm surprised some of the regulars here aren't sent a bunch of promo stuff for reviews, teardowns, and whatnot.

    ...Already working on it... :)
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