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I'm mounting a GTX 360 Rad on the inside/top of my Corsair 800D case. I have the fans in push so they are mounted on the bottom of the rad. My question is, since I've used the screws to mount the fans on the bottom for push, what screws do I use to mount the rad to the case? I'm assuming I'll have to put the screws from the outside of the case going in. I'm worried about using too long of screws and damaging the rad. Is M4 6mm sufficient? Also, would I be able to put a Rad grill on top as well? Thanks for any help.
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  1. Hey sixstring,

    6 or 5mm m4 will probably work out just fine depending on the thickness of your case and how flush the rad will sit. Either way there's no sense risking any damage to your radiator. Be sure to test any screws out by inserting them and seeing how much space you have before hitting the fins or tubes. If you're just a little long you can pick up some cheep metal or rubber spacers at your nearest hardware store (just tiny washers).

    Doesn't the GTX 360 comes with a long sets of screws for 25mm fans and a set of short screws for direct mounts?
  2. Some rads have the tubes lined up with the fan mount holes, but many newer ones are staggered so they don't pierce the tubes (you might get some bent fins if they are too long).
  3. Thanks so much for the help and advice Manzooka and Rubix. I'm gonna test out some 6mm M4's tonight on a new Rad. I unfortunately already punctured my old one. The price of learning I guess. For some reason, the GTX only had the long 30mm screws. Oddly enough my Corsair 800d case was missing screws too and it was sealed, haha. I'm off to a good start. I'll post some pics when it's all done to get some opinions.
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