Biosupdate Gigabyte 965p-ds3 (rev 1)

I've been unable to update my bios since updating to windows7. Running the update utility downloaded from the Gigabyte website simply crashes before it even starts doing anything.

Any ideas ?
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  1. I'have the same problems. The software of GigaByte only accepts 32 bit OS...
  2. Actually , I have Windows7 32-bit UK. So.. that can't be it for me right ?

    It's stupid... I'll have to use BartPE XP to upgrade my bios then... or a simular methode.
    I feel like Gigabyte has already abandoned support for this board.
  3. You run a pretty high risk of making a brick out of the MB using any Windows based BIOS updates. The safest way is using the traditional floppy method.

    What version are you running and why do you need to update? There is no reason to update if there is no problem.

    I had a Rev. 3.3 of that board for a couple of years with an E6600 and never had any problems with it. I am pretty sure Rev. 1 only supports 1066 fsb while Rev. 3.3 supported 1333 fsb and with F14b BIOS had "unofficial" support for 45nm CPUs ......E7xxx, E8xxx, Q8xxx and Q9xxx series. Even on the Rev.3.3 with that unofficial support I would not run any of those chips though as none of them are unlikely to overclock well due to the P965 chipset limitations. Dont get me wrong P965 was great for first generation 65nm Core2Duo but just was not designed for anything newer.
  4. Solved the issue.

    I couldn't use the bios updater executable.

    But I was able to update the bios using:

    Gigabytes "motherboard_utility_gbttools_gbt_atbios"

    And yes... I know there might not be a big reason to update the bios.
    And I know there's always a small chance of turning it into a useless piece of plastic :P

    But .... I just like to live dangeriously :P... also...

    it'll cost me € 100,- to replace it in that case, so... it's not that big a gamble imho.

    Thx for your help anyways !
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