Keyboard and Mouse problem after boot 2

Keyboard and mouse won't work after installing my old hard drive with winXP Pro into a new pc purchased w/o a hard drive. Boots to "click user" but looses keyboard and mouse at that point. The keyboard and mouse being previously from beginning of boot was active. How do I configure keyboard and mouse to my old hard drive installed in my another pc using usb connect or usb to ps/2 converter because neither works? Please info me for either keyboard and mouse connect.
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  1. First, it is VERY BAD to transfer an installed copy of Windows to a new system.

    Second, it may take several reboots before XP will have identified enough of your new hardware and installed new drivers before your USB mouse and keyboard will work. XP needs to first identify you new mother board, then the USB hardware, then the internal USB hub that is almost always present, THEN it can finally identify your USB devices.
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