Intel T9600 vs i7 -820QM vs. i7-720QM

Hi all,
Looking for some feed back. Work is going to be buying me a new computer which will be used mainly for 3D CAD Applications. I would like a notebook since I like to take my work home with me sometimes and this will make things much easier.

Needless to say I haven't bought a notebook in years and am pretty out of the loop when it comes to processors.

My question is, of the the three listed in the title which will perform the best, but also which gives the best price to performance ratio.

My research tells me that Inventor 2010 (3D CAD Software I will be using) is very processor dependent when it comes to performance.

I will probably be running Windows7 Pro 64-Bit with 6-8 GB Ram.

What Processor would you recommend. is the 820 worth the extra 400 over the 720, or would a core 2 duo/quad be a better value.?

Thanks for taking the time to read

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Since you will use 3D CAD apps you will benefit from a QuadCore CPU so go for i7,between i7 820 and i7 720 if the price difference was something like $100 it was worth it because of a higher cache and a faster clock speed,but for $400 its not worth it,so go for 720.
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