*Help* Build Worked Now Doesn't

Yesterday the processor, motherboard, and powersupply arrived so it was time for me to make my first build. After 3 hours of making sure everything was connected correctly and organized best as possible I fired it up. Thank some god it worked so I installed Vista, mobo drivers and utils, and the same for the video card. My internet is down and I have none of my games at home so I couldn't test anything but it seemed to be running fine.

-Asus 790gx
-AMD X4 955
-Asus 4870 1gig
-G.Skill 2x 2gig 1066
-Rosewill Bronze Series 750w psu
-AZZA Fantom midtower
-Dark knight cooler (too big for the case to close completely but manages)

Like I said I had no problems except with the mobo some program that came with let you change your performance type from what it was on (performance) to low power consumption, and like two others that I can't think of. Well I tried switching to low power while installing WoW and the pc froze and all I heard was static so I powered down back on and it was fine just mentioned default settings due to some error. Besides that I had ZERO problems.

Until this morning... I turned off the PSU because the blue LED was annoying me. I woke this morning to check if the net was back on so I flipped the PSU button back on but no LED light. I figure maybe it only comes on after it has been running so I hit the power button all the fans LEDs lit up then went off but no running pc. The LED on the mobo for whatever it is, I honestly don't remember, is lit and the bottom LED stays lit for a short while but no power.

I understand this is a beast of a pc but I need to get this figured out so I can return whatever is messed up before I go back to school. So I plead that someone has some insight of what might be the problem. Thanks for making it to the end of this post.
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  1. Rosewill isn't really known for high quality PSUs, but newegg shouldn't give you problems if you exchange it, might just be a defective unit. I don't see any other problems with your equipment choices so I think it's the power supply.
  2. Thanks for the reply wathman. I think I am going to try the Rosewill psu in my old Dell to see what happens. I'd try vice versa but my old psu is 550w no name brand and the connectors won't work. Thanks again.
  3. I went home and tried the Rosewill in my Dell and the fan spins and the LED is on but no power to anything just the power button on the pc blinking orange. So I assume its dead. Going to RMA to Newegg.
  4. I was going to get another PSU that you suggested but the Rosewill came in a combo with the ASUS 790gx for 100 off total so I couldn't pass it up. The specific unit got good reviews, hopefully when I get it back in a week it'll be fine. The computer is just sitting there taunting me without a power supply. Hell, if there was even a place I could pick a filler up until that one came back I would but there isn't. Thanks for the suggestions shortstuff. But like I said, that PSU was like $120, -40$ and -60 more for the combo.
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