Usb motherboard header wont power up

hi i have recently changed my case to the icute 0408sl and the front panel usb headers on the motherboard are just not powering up and ive tried almost everything i can think of and its just not working please help
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  1. Have you tried plugging in the front panel wires from your old case back into the your motherboard headers while it's in the new case? they should reach if you put the cases near each other and won't have to take the whole thing apart. If the USB ports work on the old case still, you just got a case with bad wiring. you might be able to find replacement wires somewhere, or if you aren't using the old case at all anymore, just take the wiring out of that and replace the front USB ports.

    If your older USB front panel won't work, then it's a problem with your board and you'll have to live without them, or replace the board.
  2. yes but i have just found out that the motherboard was earthing with the case so the connection was faulty so now i have unscrewed it slightly it is now working fine but the front panel audio is not working instead now so could you please help me with that thankyou.
  3. front panel wiring for audio usually isn't too bad if your case has standard connector blocks. You may have one for HD Audio and AC'97. Make sure you use one or the other
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