I've just seen a bold post in another forum from someone (Poupis) stating that:

The choice SSD or Hybrid HDD it really depends on the use of you M11X, for example, if you plan on using p2p to download (many Linux copies, of course), it would ruin your SSD (you can even have data corruption, I've been there).

Is there any truth to this wild accusation?
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    No. SSDs are even being used in server applications where data is being written 24/7 and they last for years. Sure, the more you use it the sooner it will begin to wear out and the capacity will slowly be reduced, but they are designed to handle those issues gracefully.
  2. I suspected they were talking garbage but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

    I'm using a SSD drive for my NAS OS to avoid having to wake up the storage array just to run various types of servers you see!

    Cheers for the clarification.
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  4. I would like to put my 2 cents in here...

    Server type SSD's are made much more robust than consumer SSDs (they also use different cells). Yet i've read somewhere SSD's need to be written about in the 20-50GB range (depending on model and size) a day to ruin the SSD. So there is <b>SOME</B> truth to that "wild accusation".

    Also not sure if you are aware (just as fyi), but an SSD drive cannot do TRIM or GC if they are in RAID, not yet...anyways. So if you RAID them, the performance will slowly degrade.

    By the way, I also have an SSD drive. I currently use an OCZ VERTEX 2 120GB SSD in my laptop.
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