Can't overclock deneb 925 help please

Hello, I'm kind of a newb overclocker and i'm trying to get my phenom II x4 deneb 925 to overclock. I've tried the easy oc switches, lowering ram from 1600 to 1333, and disabling active phase switching and amd cool n'quiet.
even an fsb increase from 200 to 210 w/ CPU ratio x14 and ram downclocked to fsb/dram ratio of 1:3.33
my specs are:

MSI nf750-g55 mobo

2x2GB and 2x4GB ddr3 1600, all of it 9-9-9-24 and 1.65v running at 1.69

AMD Phenom II x4 Deneb 925 at 2.8ghz stock
stock cooler

Nvidia GTS 250 1GB for PhysX
XFX 650W modular PSU
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  1. Seem crash with your ram, try use dual channel 2x4gb is enough, and ram ran at 3:10 without adding voltage
  2. It would crash back when I only had 2x2 as well, and i tried running it at both 1.66v and 1.69v, both at 1600 and something closer to 1333
  3. Use dual ram and drop ratio ram to 3:8 or 1066 if you raise fsb
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