Windows XP will not recognize anything plugged into USB port(Solved)


I have an HP Pavilion dv8000. I can turn on the computer and plug a Flash drive/ipod/iphone in a USb port and it will recognize it and work perfectly. Problem is, If I unplug the device for any reason and then plug it back in, it does not recognize it and shows up with a yellow exclamation mark beside it in device manager. I can restart the computer and it will work properly again but if I unplug it and plug it back in it stops working. This is extremely frustrating and I've never ran into an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. When you unplug it, do you eject it first? If not, this will explain the issue. Most USB devices must be idled with the "Safely Remove Hardware" control or a specific control inside the specific app for that device (if it's not generic USB).

    Even the iDevices, if they are configured to present as a mass storage device, must be properly stopped.
  2. Yes, I make sure to eject it or use the "safely remove hardware" each time I remove it. This problem is very frustrating and I've been googling for days with no answer yet.
  3. I uninstalled Service Pack 3 and the problem went away. Thanks for the help!
  4. nolanroy said:
    I uninstalled Service Pack 3 and the problem went away. Thanks for the help!

    Interesting to know. Thanks for sharing that.
    I have SP3 and no USB problems, but it may be controller- or mobo-specific. Or an interaction with other drivers. Or your house is over a ley line. Or something...
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