2500k @ 4.5GHz are my temps ok?

Voltage is 1.312 - 1.32
Heatsink is Akasa Venom Voodoo Dual Fan
Case is NVIDIA CoolerMaster CM690 2 Advanced
Ambient Room Temp is between 20 - 25c

Idle - 31 - 38c [Av 35]
Load Gaming - Crysis - 54 - 62c [Av 57]
Load Prime 95 small FFT - 65 - 72c [Av 68c]
Intel Burn Test 20 runs - High 70s Max 82c [ Av 79]
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  1. The temps are warm but in the safe zone. Have you tried lowing the voltage at all?
  2. Yea spent about a week testing this is the lowest i can go to without a manual voltage; which i do not want as i like the speed step technology.

    Do you think i should reduce my OC as the temps are too hot?

    I won't be folding or anything I'll just be playing games and working on it.
  3. You can game on it at 60c, it won't hurt it. What is your voltage at idle in cpuz?
  4. According to your gaming test load you're OK

    Stress testing is high but you won't be stress testing with daily use, IMO you're OK.
  5. @ Cygnus X - 1 -CPUZ currently is reading 0.95 - 1.1v using the internet and downloading a few large files, average about 1v or less. Temps about 30c at the moment before i turn heating on.
  6. @ 4Ryan6- thanks for the input.
  7. Ok, as long as you don't game all day, your set up is probably best for over all heat/power output.
  8. Cool thanks. A few hours at the most i'd be gaming for a day. usually one or two every day or so. Thanks for the help Cygnus and ryan much appreciated.
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