Soon to be new config, please rate/comment

Dear all,

gonna go for a new hardware pretty soon ( sept. 2009 ).
Havent posted so far, so please be kind =)

So here is the config. please leave constructive criticism so I can make changes. Bare in mind that I do not have access to 'all' hardware that is out there on the web. Try to keep yourself in 'widely accessible' range of hardware.
Trying to build a descent gamer's machine ( mainly focused on MMO's and Strategy games)

INTEL CORE 2 DUO E8400 BOX 2x 3.0GHz 1333MHz 6MB Sck.775
DDR II 4GB (2X2GB kit) 1066MHz OCZ Reaper
OCZ StealthXStream 500W

All of the above totaling around 850EUR. That's the range I want to be in.
Maybe a bit lower, if possible, but same performances.

All of your comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

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  1. Where will you be buying from so i know where to look for parts?
    What resolution is the monitor that you will be playing on?

    In general linking to the parts helps a ton so we know exactly which one you are talking about as there are often multiples with similar names, like that seagate HDD, i dont know if its a .10, .11, or a .12 series.

    You can get an AMD triple core build that will perform better for about the same price or less, atleast here in the states.
  2. Intels socket 775/ e8400 is at the end of its life and being replaced in a couple of weeks .
    DONT buy an intel cpu right now

    wait 3 -4 weeks and then get back with the same question , when we have seen the new i5 cpu's benchmarked
  3. @hunter315 that's the page of the local shop. It doesnt provide very detailed information of the parts, so I have no idea which series it is.

    @outlander_04 Looking forward to work on 1680x1050 resolution.

    So if I'd want to get a new computer now, in a range of 800-850E with that syncmaster monitor ( no access to others... ) what kind of config would you recommend ( if you can, try linking parts from the url I gave above )

    Thank you for your replies!

  4. With you prospective build (keeping in mind outlander's advice), you have spec'd a DDR3 motherboard with DDR2 memory. I'd recommend the DDR2 model - GA-EP45-UD3L.

    Regardless of which motherboard, make sure that the Seagate drive you get is a 7200.12 model. Some of the .11 models had firmware problems and any .10 drive has spent too long sitting on a shelf. And I think the 500 GB .12 is a single platter drive, and therefore a little faster than the older ones.
  5. You're probably better off switching the Seagate for a Spinpoint F1, thats my advice.
  6. Guys, you are awesome!

    Keep the advice coming!

    Can you give me some advice what to get in range of 800-850E, or what should I change in the spec I have given in my first post.

    Thx for the MB advice!

    @griffolion i cannot get spinpoint f1, and really do not want to order from the web.

    Another side note, is there a trusted online ordering page, from which most of you guys order hardware?

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