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I've bought a brand new graphical unit Gigabyte GV-N98TOC-1GI, and I have a slight problem. When I install drivers for it on my computer, and try to get a Windows 7 system rating, graphic driver gets stuck on dx10 does a dx9 test fine, and when any of the tests for dx10 are on board, it just gets stuck, restarts and shows the error message.
Also, I used to have Leadtek PX8600 GT Extreme 256 MB , and win 7 rated it as 6.5, and the new Gigabyte card gets 6.0.
Most of the games run well, but I'm not sure if it gets its max....but for example, Crysis freezes after just a couple of seconds playing....I didn't have problems with any other games (they all run on max settings), except for crysis....I monitored my GPU temps while on load and they don't go over 50 Celsius. I tried the new NVidia driver, as well as the drivers I got with my new card. I also updated the bios on my motherboard, which, by the way is MSI K9N Neo V3.
There's also one interesting thing, and that is: When I tried to update my graphic card bios via Gigabyte VGA @Bios utility, it just didn't work, showing the message that the bios I selected doesn't match with my current bios version.
Also, if it's needed to say, I have a Chieftec PSU 650 W, and I tried my friend's 750 W one, but it still had the same problems.
Anyway, all other games that I tried, like Necrovision, GTA IV, FarCry 2 ran well and on max settings (except for GTA because of the graphical ram)
So, can you tell me, is there any problem with my graphic card, and should I return it? Did anybody have similar problems with this card?

thanks in advance

PS: I also tried Windows Vista, and it makes the same problem with Crysis, although, the system rating thing passes without problems and it rates the card on max: 5.9.
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  1. the problem with win seven may caused by bug since its a beta release. about low score on graphic card score, it happens alot to other people as well. my advice is: ignore it. (my 9600 GSO score is 6.7 with driver ver 190.38) about Crysis freezing, did you max out its setting ? Crysis is GPU intensive game so max out everything might lead to freeze. even fastest card today having problem running Crysis with max setting.

    try your card with other pc and see if same problem happen
  2. Thanks a lot for the answer. I really started worrying about my card being faulty...
    Anyway, crysis freezed even on medium settings and crashed to desktop every time.....But, I'm beginning to think that the game was faulty, because one of my friends didn't manage to install it....Probably the dvds were scratched, or I downloaded a bad copy.
    Anyway, thanks for the answer again... I'll try my graphic card with other pc, but looks like nothing's wrong with it....'cause all other games are running fine.
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