Intel 320 SSD and AMD SB850?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you know if there are problems with using an AMD SB850 and Intel 320 SSD? Because I recently updated my BIOS for a Gigabyte 890GX board, and it so happens to include a newer version of the SB850. After a grueling ordeal and multiple instances of reformatting and research, I found that Samsung F3's don't work well with SB850( or the newer version at least). So eventually I had to rollback on the BIOS update to a previous one that didn't include the new SB850 and it finally worked. So I was just wondering if there are any known comptability issues between the South Bridge 850 chipset and an intel 320 ssd?

Also, if has anyone updated the firmware for their Samsung F3 drives and have it work with the Gigabyte 890GX w/ SB850 with a BIOS version F7 or higher?

Thanks for your advice and help in advance!
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  1. There shouldn't be an issue with the Intel 320 and the SB850. I would recommend doing a Google search though to see what comes up.

    As for the firmware on the Samsung F3, I typically don't updated the firmware on my mechanical drives, unless I'm having an issue and the update is a fix. It just isn't worth it to me. The only thing I update firmware on regularly is my SSD's.
  2. Yeah, I tried doing a google search earlier about the two, but nothing really came up. But I just wanted ask and make sure before doing the install. It was a nightmare trying to isolate each part of the computer and figure out what went wrong.

    yeah, I'm still not sure about the is suppose to fix compatibility issues with the SB850....but it works seamlessly with BIOS revisions below f7. I think I'll stick to the idea of if it works, don't mess/update it lol.

    Thanks for the quick response tecmo34!
  3. Oh...tecmo34, I was you know anything about secure erase on the Intel SSD Toolbox? I'm trying to do a secure erase on an old ssd for RMA using the toolbox....but it keeps saying that ATA security is enabled, even after a power cycle. Is there a way to make it work or disable it?


    Update : Nevermind Tecmo34, I was messing around with the power cycling and it finally worked. The instructions from Intel are very vague, but for those who want to want to secure erase using Intel Toolbox and run into the ATA security problem, here's how I did it.( Not sure if it will work for everyone)

    1) Open Intel Toolbox and navigate to Management Tools
    2) Unplug the the SATA data cable and then the SATA power cable. Click refresh button in the Intel Toolbox.
    3) Wait about a minute or 2( because the Intel 320 has built in capacitors for when power failures/sudden shutdowns occur)
    4) Then plug in the SATA data cable first, then the SATA power cable. Then click refresh button again and then select the SSD drive and it should be ready to be erased.
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