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Would you purchase a 2yr old hp laptop, with 2GB memory, 120 GB hard drive(110 GB freespace), 2GHz Core 2 Duo processor, with 4MB cache, from a private owner. By the way there is no warranty on the actual brand of the computer, but the owner said that I could test it for a couple of days and make sure everything is working okay. Is this a reasonable price and a reasonable deal?
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  1. Is what a reasonable price? You didn't actually say what price it was.

    HP make utter garbage, know this. They didn't make $billions by selling quality parts at low prices. Don't pay more just because its HP, pay *less* because it's HP.
  2. If its got Nvidia graphics i wouldnt go near it

    HP/Compaq (same company) isnt a bad company they just copped bad nvidia batches etc (alot), other then that, its as good as any other make.
  3. It's worth $400-$450.
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