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A short while ago my boot hdd was rendered RAW. I recovered it and got all the data back but now windows keeps sending me messages that a drive failure is imminent and i should back up all my data. I ran a SMART scan and decided to move the boot partition to a new drive and keep the old drive for storage till it fails. or throw it at a wall.
Now, i've never done anything like this before, and after trying out a few programs (acronis/paragon) neither give me the option to clone a bootable partition to a new drive.

basically what i want to do is move my c:/ drive data to a new hdd from which i will be able to boot into windows.

Any help/suggestions and advice will, as always, be very welcome!
Thanks in advance
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  1. Acronis true image does this nicely. There is no option for boot partition, because the boot information is contained within the partition. just have acronis image the partition that has windows and the boot loader on it and it will work fine.

    Also, if you are moving to a larger drive, look for an option during the cloning process that allows you to expand the partition to the full size of the new drive, otherwise it will create the new partiton with the exact same size as the old and leaving additional space at the end of the drive.
  2. One additional piece of advice: If the drive that this bootable partition is on is the boot drive, you will have to clone the whole drive instead of the partition. This is to get the MBR and boot loader which are in space that is outside of the partitions.

    Acronis is excellent. EASEUS is free.
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