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The last time I went to transmeta's website, they wrote that the a system using that CPU could run up to 7 hours. But the review here has shown otherwise. Why would Transmeta be appealing then if it isn't as powerful as Intel's mobile CPU and yet not last as long in terms of battery time?
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  1. I think the problem is in the battery size, I have a Sony Vaio C1VJ, with the standard battery included in the box I get on average most 3 to 4hr, with mostly wordprocessing while listening to MP3.
    With the LLL battery, I can easily get 10 hours staight, including listening to MP3, compiling codes, word processing, plus the occational use of external CD-ROM drive. I have never worked longer than 10 hrs straigh to find out exactly how long my battery will last. But even with the standard battery it is still much longer than any other laptop I have.
  2. Any reviewer of notebooks MUST state the capacity of the battery, unfortunately the review in THG didn't do this, so the battery review seemed to be very short for the SONY PC1V.
    However if you check the ASUS and the SONY websites, you find there that the ASUS got a 46W battery and the SONY a tiny 20W battery, thus the SONY got a 2.3x smaller battery.

    Since there is not yet a portable notebook (a notebook you can use while standing and walking, current notebooks require a surface like your lap or a table) a battery life of 2hrs is normal use is sufficient in the industry.

    Battery run-down and normal usage can be a HUGE difference, since the run-down tests stresses the whole computer all the time and is a worst-case scenario. While a "normal" usage depends on how you use the notebook, if you only type in Word/Excel or browse the Internet you can expect a much longer battery life. Here you will also find a BIG difference between Transmeta and Intel due to different power down states etc. Unfortunately there is no standard becnhmark for "normal" use anymore, Veritest used to have one a few years back, that gave the ACER Nuovo a 11-hour battery, while Battery run down gave it 6.5hr. (The Nuovo had a heuristic power management)

    What the review also failed to inform was that the SONY notebook can be upgraded to double and quadpacks (these ofcourse weigh more) to double and quadruple the battery life. If you need a 10hr or more battery life there is this option in the SONY, while not in the ASUS.

    With the quad pack (4x longer battery than the ASUS), the weight of the SONY would still be HALF than the ASUS notebook, unfortunately this was not stated in the review.
  3. Thanx, that explains a lot.
  4. Yes, the LLL battery pack is 68.82Wh, 11.1V/6200mAh
    while the single L (standard) battery pack is 19.98Wh 11.1V/1800mAh
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