US World Cup Draw

US got a decent World Cup draw. England, Solvenia, and Algeria. Thoughts on how far they'll get?
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  1. We gonna spank ya yank ass and take back the colonies .... :P
  2. It's only one game. We'll still get into the second round. So take that redcoat...
  3. u wont get past germany who u will meet if they win and u finish 2nd to england, unless slovenia beats u, possible
  4. Lol, I think you overestimate how many people in the US actually care about soccer. It about as popular as ping pong.
  5. It annoys me when people think there are no soccer fans in the US. There's a reason ESPN now shows a match 5 days a week during the MLS season (2 EPL, 2 La Liga, 1 MLS). There are many, many soccer fans, and it's only getting more popular, especially with the growing Hispanic population.

    Another piece of evidence is the expansion of the MLS from 14 teams two years ago to 16 this year and then to 18 next year. Somebodies making money in the sport.

    The only reason it isn't even more popular is that we're not the best at it. I'd be willing to bet if the US makes a deep run (i.e. beating at least Germany), it will be even bigger. After all, the newest team had standing room only crowds for every game. Can you name another professional sport in the US that does that?
    492,000 tickets is impressive. It is a popular world sport. But it's not that popular in the US. Of course it has its following. Go to a Yankees, red sox, dogers game. They average 40,000 to 45,000 fans per game. Their season totals reach in the 3+ million range. Baseball also happens to be a huge sport in the hispanic culture.

    Besides, more people are leaving the country than coming in. The fan base isn't going to explode that way.
  7. Who cares... 22 full grown men running around resorting to "cheating" when someone goes within 5 feet of them by rolling around on the floor trying to get a free kick.

    Then comes the magic sponge... quick wipe and the agony etc is gone... hmmmm

    make Football more intersesting by using randomly planted anti personel mines :)
  8. No a big soccer fan, but I'll be rooting for the home team. Go Bafana!
  9. Not a big football fan (yes, that's right. I said it. FOOTBALL! none of this soccer nonsense) Good excuse to go to the pub though!
  10. World cup 2010 prediction
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  11. Prayin for 1st seed in group c which means they should at least get to quarterfinals
    if they get 2nd seed, we gonna get owned by germany.....=(
  12. US definately hav potential to reach the quarters..
    they hav a pretty good defence
  13. england will probably top the group. second place will be hard, slovenia is very strong, algeria wont go down without a fight eather. very hard group.
  14. MadAdmiral said:

    The only reason it isn't even more popular is that we're not the best at it.

    Large territory, population and ammount of money. If the United States came to care about soccer as much as the rest of the world they would have teams as powerful as the big european ones and would eventually be a competitive nation in the World Cup.

    Too bad most don't care.
  15. Some great games at the worldcup. The best, at least from my perspective, was USA - Algeria. What a great win! And USA wins the group, ahead England, to play Ghana.
    Today's games were crazy: Italy - Slovakia 2-3; Japan - Denmark 3-1. I must say I'm happy to see the Italians go home. Way too much faking and complaining from that team. And they showed close to nothing as far as soccer. Maybe a bit, their last goal was beautiful.
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