A 75-year-old Volusia County man directed his wrath at his ex-wife by throwing a grape, hitting her in the face, a sheriff's report states.

According to a charging affidavit, Russo and his ex-wife, Claire Russo, live in the same West Holly Drive home, near Orange City. He came to the house drunk and assaulted Claire Russo with the grape, deputies said. A deputy responded to the fruit-flinging incident at 10:48 p.m.

Sebastiano Russo also threatened to kill the woman and burn down the house, the charging document states.

A witness told the investigating deputy that Sebastiano Russo sat at a table, slamming his hand on it, saying, "This is my house." He told his ex-wife he was bringing his girlfriend to the house, the report states.

When Claire Russo told him, "No, not in my house," the ex-husband threatened to kill her and then attacked her with the grape, the witness told the deputy.
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  1. I was gonna say, if he was just charged for throwing a grape, there's a big problem with the justice system. But threatening to kill her, well, that's a reasonable excuse.
  2. The author is very funny plying his trade.
  3. The woman was graped because there was a bunch of them.
  4. Watch out the Grapist is on the loose.
  5. This news is significant ... no ... wait.
  6. This topic has been closed by Reynod
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