Router access but no internet connection after a virus.

Hi I had a particuly bad virus that infected my Acer Laptop running vista home premium which prevented my computer from connecting to the internet the virus was sdra64.exe. I think I have removed the virus after some googling and checking the registry and deleteing the files in safe mode but I still have no internet access. I don't know whether it has reconfigured some of the services. When I try to connect it connects to my wirless router but will not obtain an ip address, I have even connected the laptom via cable to the router but still no internet access. All of my other computers/laptops in the house connect fine so its def a problem on the laptop! The only other information I can give is that when I start the computer it gives an error message that twonkymediaserver.exe could not be started. I have googled that but that seems not to be a virus. Can anyone help! :cry:
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  1. I have seen that virus many many times with customers. My usual fixes for it is to find everything that is out of place using sysinternals autoruns program. After that I use rootkit revealer once again from sysinternals. Once all infected files have been removed, and if I remember correctly that virus never comes alone, I use winsock xp fix which does fix vista installs aswell, and then the other common issue is that in internet options, under connections, a virus turns on some wierd proxy settings causing everything to screw up. let me know how that goes.
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