No 5 1 option in realtek control panel windows 7

I am using Sony Vaio VPCEB11FX laptop with windows 7 64 bit OS. now the problem is 5.1 speakers are not working on my laptop. 5.1 surround speakers option does not show in "sound and hardware " in " control panel". so pls tell me how to set up 5.1 speakers on sony vaio VPCEB11FX having windows 7.
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  1. Hi mayankraj2010

    Are u talking about the speakers built in the laptop? Or about getting 5.1 speakers?

    Not having the speakers, u can still play it with VLC without special set up, as long as the file is encoded to 5.1 sound.

    DVD's are 5.1 mostly,but if u have no speaker set-up in 5.1, but only 2.0 it will can play it 5.1, but u will hear it 2.0 a.k.a. stereo. Or u can get 5.1 headset.

    Was that what u needed? So, if u have no 5.1 speakers it may not show in your prog. as an option, till u do have. 5.1= 5 channel speakers + a subwoofer

  2. first thanks for replying
    i am talking about 5.1 speakers . actually i have "intex IT-4800 " 5.1 speakers . on my friends pc haveing windows xp it is working properly because there is realtek audio manager window to setting up computer sound mode for different speakers mode like - stereo , 5.1 , 7.1 like that.
    but i am not getting same window in my laptop.
    actually my purpose is for sound editing . i am using steinberg cubase 5 software for sound editing and it will support 5.1 editing only when my laptop audio will be in 5.1 mode. i went to "control panel > hardware and sound > sound > playback > configure > audio channels " but in audio channels there is only one options "stereo"

    so please tell how to change it to 5.1 .... thanks in advance
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