Intel DG965RY mobo support INTEL E8400?

Greetings everyone..............

i just want to ask if my mobo ( INTEL DG965RY support INTEL C2D E8400????
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  1. Maybe. :heink:

    Some P965 boards will support the newer 45nm Core2Duo processors with a BIOS update. However the P965 was designed for the 65nm first generation Core chips. The E6xxx and Q6xxx series. If it does work with the E8400 it will not be very overclockable.

    Edit: Intel website is not much help here
  2. Thanks anort3......................

    and what you think about the E8400 if you are a user of it ???

    any other ideas ????
  3. And i'm not gonna overclock it.....

    my question will E8400 work probably on my mobo??
  4. You can't overclock with that motherboard and it doesn't support the E8400 or any other 45nm processor. The complete list of supported processors is here:
  5. Tnx for helping :-)
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