Budget CAD Build under $1000

Approximate purchase date: 2 weeks

Budget Range: Including the OS and Monitor, under $1100

System Usage: CAD only (sorry I'm not sure what CAD program)

Parts Not Needed: Keyboard and Mouse

Preferred Website:

Preferences: I like the same brands that everyone else likes so this shouldn't be a problem

Overclocking: No

SLI/Crossfire: Only if it's worth it in terms of price/performance

Monitor Res: The one considering is 1920x1080

So this is for a friend of mine that is going to be doing a ton of CAD work. This one has been kinda tricky for me since it's CAD instead of your typical Gaming build. I think for the OS he's just going to buy Vista 64-bit and just use the free upgrade to 7. As far as I know, CAD is heavily dependent on the CPU, RAM, and GPU. He would really, really like it if we could fit an i7 into the budget. If not, I think a quad-core would be the next logical choice. I'm not familiar with how the latest AMD quad-cores have been comparing with the Intel Core 2 Quads though. RAM shouldn't be too hard to pick out, If we get the i7 in I was leaning towards getting one of the 6GB 2GBx3 triple channel sets. As for the video card, I've been reading about soft-modding it to turn a gaming card into a workstation card, which literally saves hundreds of dollars.

Essentially he has nothing and needs everything. Anyone have some suggestions? ^_^ Thanks in advance!
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    CAD engineering drafting is so easy you could run most of the programs on a $70 cpu with no lag .
    We ran a program called SOLIDWORKS for 3-4 years on a Pentium 4 2.8 GHZ Dell which we got because it was the only affordable computer with an LCD screen back then ...

    3D rendering is another story and will be pretty taxing , but mostly on cpu and not so much on the gfx card

    Its important to know what program and what kind of work he does

    Find that out and check out the makers website for a user forum . There will be plenty of hands on users that way
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