what video cards should i get?
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  1. are we talking highest settings on a 1080p w/ no AA
    max settings, max AA and 2560x1600

    what is the budget? rest of specs? resolution?

    though i would say 2 x ATI 5870 (maybe 3)
  2. well its not certain if im getting a 30'' or a 24'' inch monitor and which one looks better AA or no AA?
  3. and say i did get 2 of the 5870s would i need any special cooling? or anything?
  4. well. the 30" 2560x1600 probably wouldn't need AA since the pixel pitch is so small, i play on a 23" 1080P monitor and don't think AA is really needed

    though it would be nice to know budget and rest of the system
  5. with 2 x 5870 you would only need good case airflow, just make sure you have a good branded 650w+ PSU (recommend corsair 750TX or 750HX)
  6. 5870 is pretty much the only choice right now if you want to get 60fps maxing out crysis.

    2 of them in crossfire would be fine for 1920x1080 maxed and with 8xaa, but if you're planning on 2560x1600, a 3rd will likely be needed (though it may just about squeeze through, i havnt even tried the game at that res)

    im assuming you have a beefy proc too? you'll need and i7920/870 really, if you want 60fps maxed.
  7. i have all the requirements needed for the cards i just needed to know the cooling ide need for crossfired 5870s. im planning in 6 fans and a cooler master case the limited edition warfare cooler master case. to be exact
  8. that should be fine. despite their power, the 5870s run fairly cool. they vent most of the hot air outside the case thru a backplate vent, so as long as you have relatively good airflow it should not be an issue.
  9. what do u mean when you say despite the power???
  10. just that you may expect due to how pwerful the cards are, that they run hot. but this isnt true, as they are cooler than the last gen 48 series.
  11. damn...
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