Which (3x) 500 GB +/- for music production? Fastest/Best?

Hello everyone!

I'm totally clueless when it comes to computer and what's the best and so on but trough some guides i already bought myself a new computer, however i'm still using old harddrives from maybe 5 years ago and so these could defintely use an upgrade.

First i thought of getting a SSD drive but well they are really expensive and i need quite a lot of GB storage page specially for all the samples and plugin liberies, after reading trough some forums the best setup would be having 3 harddrives? Unless this changed, cause those messages are back from 2009/2010.

1st harddrive = Windows 7 + DAW (music production program) aswell as the plugins used with it.
2nd harddrive = Audio writing such as projects and so on.
3rd harddive = all the samples used for the music production.

1st and 2nd drive would be well enough with about 250GB but the sample one needs to be about 500GB, so i'm just thinking to go with 3x500GB. Correct me here if a 250GB works aswell as a 500GB, i could go for less as mentioned before on the first 2 drives.

Coming to the point.

After googling around for a an hour or 2 reading here and there i found that Western Digital Caviar black or Samsung Spinpoint F3 are still the fastest (b/c velociraptors?) but then again most forums posts/reviews are back from about 2009/2010 again and i didn't really found topic up to date with about 500GB of space. (most are 1TB/2TB) or are 1TB faster than most 500 GB's?

I'm a bit stuck deciding which one (though i think i cant go wrong?) , so i hope any of you are able to help me out here, so i could buy today or tomorrow these new drives.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well, you are mostly right that you can't go wrong. The two drives that you name are fast. The velociraptors are fast and, if they still ship in those @#$@! Icy Docks, noisy.

    Audio editing in realtime is well within the realm of the transfer speed of any decent drive these days. Bulk transcoding can benefit from faster drives. You've done a lot of good work yourself - especially the idea of having a read-only drive for samples that won't compete for head positioning with your writing.
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